Richard Vaz, Etobicoke

Testimonial I shopped around A LOT! Ultra Carpet and Flooring had a competitive price and a great product. All Canadian made from a reputable company - we went with Superior Hardwood Floors. Noor was a great salesman and even allowed us to return any unopened boxes! We originally wanted to refinish our floors but they were already sanded down 2 or 3 times so it was not worth it to do all that work to have an old creaky floor in the end. We pulled up the old floor ourselves and installed the subfloor to save on costs. The Polish installers Noor sent over did a great job, very professional and quick. We have flush mount registers (which we highly recommend!!) and the installers put them in no problem perfectly and seamless. We are so happy with our new floors - Thank you!

Emily Rivard, Mississauga

The workers were very polite, quick, and met all of our expectations. They cleaned up all of the dust from cutting the wood very well after they were finished. I am very pleased with the results.

Wendy Pride and Briane Doherty, Toronto

We moved into our condo in July 2012. We knew the floors had been water damaged and, as new owners, we had to decide if they should be refinished or changed. We did not know any flooring consultants and so we planned to find one. Our first stop was at Ultra Carpet and Flooring on Dundas Street. The first person we met there was Joe, a well-informed salesperson. Given our problem, and discussing some options, he thought it best for the owner, Noor Arfeen, to come by and examine our flooring. The next day, Noor came to the condo. He noted the buckling areas of the hardwood, the loss of finish, and the stains from the water damage in a number of areas. He electronically tested the floor for humidity and found several areas where the humidity levels were quite high, indicating there was an ongoing problem. The suggested remedy was to replace the floor given the evident damage and likelihood of continuous problems if a cosmetic fix was chosen. We agreed and returned to the store to select new flooring. We felt no need to shop elsewhere because of the professional approach given to our concerns.

The renovation was scheduled and the work began. The unexpected was upon us. The old hardwood had been glued directly to the concrete underneath, apparently with a free flow of the most sticky of glues, totally contrary to any installation rules, particularly condo rules. Removing this flooring was a nightmare. Pieces came off in shards; and where it came off, the workers stuck to the floor. Anyone who saw this was shocked. Extra equipment was needed including large wedge drills, crowbars, hammers, chisels, wedges and more. Hours and hours of labour were needed to peel the shards of wood off from the glue. Each piece splintered no matter what tool was used. Noor and his team persevered. Sand was brought in so the workers could move; and Noor’s staff worked tirelessly to peel the flooring and the glue off the cement. Noor himself helped with the work, being sure to reassure us that whatever it took to get this job done, it would be done, and it was. A special thanks to Duane, one of the flooring team members, who approached the problem with enthusiasm and an obvious positive work ethic, not to mention his expertise with both demolition and then installation. We also had carpet installed once the hardwood was done and we are 100% pleased.

While the difficulty encountered to remove our floor was unusual, we definitely had good fortune to choose Ultra Carpet and Flooring as our first and only stop. Our new flooring is properly installed, and, moreover, it is beautiful! It was quite an experience for everyone involved but the graciousness, confidence and encouragement demonstrated by Noor Arfeen and his Ultra Carpet and Flooring team is something we will appreciate as we enjoy our new floor. We have the highest of recommendations to share with others seeking excellence in service and quality.