Contrary to popular belief, cork is not disappearing. In fact, cork is incredibly sustainable. Made from the outer bark of the cork oak tree, cork is carefully harvested once every 9 years, allowing new bark to grow in its place and without ever damaging or killing the trees. It’s not unusual to have a 200 year-old tree still producing cork bark.

A Natural Choice

Everyone wants their home to be a safe and healthy place. Cork is the naturally healthy choice. It organically repels dust, germs and mold. It’s maintained without any harsh chemicals or cleaners, making it the practical choice for any room, especially bathrooms, kitchens and kids’ rooms.

Cushion your step

There’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own home. Cork’s naturally occurring air pockets make it soft and comfortable to walk on. And its unique honeycomb-like structure acts as a natural shock absorber, helping to prevent back and joint pain.


Cork’s thermal insulation properties maintain the floor’s temperature at a comfortable level while creating a warm atmosphere in your home.

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